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Legislative Accomplishments

Ad Hoc Abortion Committee meeting

This audio outlines legislation safeguarding abortion rights, ensuring unimpeded access to reproductive health services and upholding women's autonomy over their bodies, while emphasizing privacy and informed choices.

Ad Hoc Abortion Committee Meeting
00:00 / 13:12

Covid-19 Interview of Dr. Katrina Mattingly - By Late Dr. Kenneth Myers, Sr. 

This audio segment explores how health disparities, exacerbated by COVID-19, disproportionately impact the African American community, highlighting the urgent need for equitable healthcare solutions.

Covid-19 Interview of Dr. Mattingly -By Late Dr. Kenneth Myers, Sr.
00:00 / 07:34

City Of Spartanburg Black Lives Matter

In light of the tragic losses of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, the Legislative Black Caucus presents this audio speech, advocating for comprehensive criminal justice reform to affirm that Black Lives Matter and to ensure that such injustices are eradicated from our society.

S-42-250 4City of Spartanburg Black Lives Matter
00:00 / 03:33

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Our Priorities and Objectives

Affordable Housing

- Objective: Ensure that every hardworking individual has access to safe and comfortable housing.
- Approach: Encourage developers to be mindful of the community's median income and the necessity for housing projects to benefit not only themselves but also the surrounding community and future residents. Support legislative efforts like Senate Bill 346 to promote affordable housing solutions.

Public Education

-Objective: Champion the improvement and adequate funding of public education systems.
- Approach: Advocate for enhanced educational funding without reliance on uncertain sources like lotteries. Commit to legislative actions aimed at providing better educational outcomes and preparing youth for the workforce, based on the belief in the foundational role of public education.

Domestic Violence

-Objective: Address and reduce domestic violence, improving support for victims and accountability for perpetrators.
- Approach: Push for legislative changes to remove legal obstacles that hinder progress in combating domestic violence. Support initiatives and programs aimed at transforming cultural attitudes towards domestic violence and enhancing protections for victims.

My Approach
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